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Kickstarter Roundup: Nov 13, 2016 | 34 Ending Soon (incl: Bears vs Babies, The Edge: Dawnfall, Leaders of Euphoria) & 34 New This Week (incl: Feudum, Omen: Edge of Aegean, Dwar7s Fall)

What this is:

This is a weekly, curated listing of Kickstarter tabletop games projects that are either:
All board game projects meeting those criteria will automatically be included, no need to ask. (But the occasional non-board game project may also sneak in!)
Expect new lists each Sunday sometime between 12:00am and 12:00pm PST.

Ending Soon

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
The Edge: Dawnfall Next level competitive miniature Board Game for 1-4 players from creator of Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc. (Has currently earned £362,143 of £40,000) 905% funded 2578 £140 11-14 kicktraq
Knights of Camelot - only one can become King... Bluff, plot & trick your way to the throne of Camelot using the Knights of the Round Table & influential members of the court. (Has currently earned £2,776 of £2,500) 111% funded 141 £20 11-14 kicktraq
DARK SKIES 1942: a 15mm aerial wargame Welcome To Dark Skies 1942 an Alternate WWII Game. A world changed by a new horror. Experience thrills of 3D dog fights on the tabletop (Has currently earned €8,651 of €500) 1730% funded 93 €93 11-14 kicktraq #first #take2
Windup War: the Cutest Combat Card Game When the kids are away, the toys come out to play...and FIGHT! Program your toys, then watch them dominate! For 2-6 generals. (Has currently earned $7,465 of $6,000) 124% funded 336 $22 11-14 kicktraq
Relicblade: Bone and Darkness Fantasy Miniatures Game Enter the realms of Relicblade with two new factions! Make a dark pact with a sinister new evil, or join the heroic Lone Guard. (Has currently earned $16,553 of $8,000) 206% funded 205 $81 11-14 kicktraq #expansion base game
Payoff Pitch Baseball 2016 Season Card Set 2016 Season set for use with the Payoff Pitch Baseball Game. Bring real life baseball action to your tabletop. (Has currently earned $894 of $500) 178% funded 12 $75 11-15 kicktraq #expansion base game
Gimme 5 Choose a Topic. Challenge a Friend. A party games for people who love strategy. (Has currently earned $5,065 of $5,000) 101% funded 22 $230 11-15 kicktraq #first
Spires - a card game for 1-4 players Answer the royal decree! Build Spires high - but not too high! - in this card game for 1-4 players by TC Petty III. Playable in ~25 min (Has currently earned $20,437 of $20,000) 102% funded 578 $35 11-15 kicktraq
Frazetta's Masterpieces - DEATH DEALER A range of figures, models and goods inspired by Frank Frazetta and his iconic Death Dealer character in particular (Has currently earned €25,948 of €4,000) 648% funded 269 €96 11-16 kicktraq #minis
Witch SLAPPED! There's only room for ONE witch in these woods. Time to sling some spells. Somebody is getting Witch SLAPPED! (Has currently earned $5,588 of $5,000) 111% funded 170 $33 11-16 kicktraq
Godforsaken Scavengers: Survival Card Game Make the most of a dire situation, manage the risks and beat the odds! Deadly adventure for 30 minutes and 1-6 players. (Has currently earned $17,772 of $7,500) 236% funded 708 $25 11-16 kicktraq #first
GHOULASH The Card Game You're the last hope for survival in a world infested with giant, deadly monsters known as Ghouls! For 2-4 players, ages 10 and older. (Has currently earned $2,039 of $3,000) 67% funded 57 $36 11-16 kicktraq #first #take4
Stitches A fast-paced monster-brawling card game for 3 to 7 players. Upgrade your body parts to defeat the Abomination! (Has currently earned $13,922 of $11,000) 126% funded 427 $33 11-16 kicktraq #first
Follow A game about working together (or falling apart) by the creator of Microscope and Kingdom (Has currently earned $25,808 of $2,500) 1032% funded 1041 $25 11-16 kicktraq #rpg
Artisan Copper Metal Game Dice with Diamond CZ Stones You don't need to even roll these dice to make your opponents think twice! Conquer your next game night with these One-of-a-kind dice. (Has currently earned $998 of $250) 399% funded 29 $34 11-16 kicktraq #dice
Darren Watts's Golden Age Champions The long-awaited Champions supplement for the Golden Age of Superheroes from 1938 to 1950, by longtime Hero writer Darren Watts!. (Has currently earned $18,447 of $20,000) 92% funded 276 $67 11-17 kicktraq
Dodgy Dealers - The Black Market Art Dealing Card Game Dodgy Dealers is a 2-12 player deception/collection card game. Finish your collection before anyone else by any and all means possible! (Has currently earned €5,910 of €1,000) 591% funded 184 €32 11-17 kicktraq #first
Bears vs Babies - A Card Game A monster-building card game from the creators of Exploding Kittens (Has currently earned $2,494,826 of $10,000) 24948% funded 66542 $37 11-17 kicktraq
Cobras - A Trick-Taking Game for 1-5 Players Cobras are overrunning the village & you've come up with a tricky scheme to profit. But if your timing is off, you might get bit! (Has currently earned $9,002 of $8,000) 112% funded 403 $22 11-17 kicktraq #first
Guild Masters Expand your guild hall, hire unique workers, and craft magic items to build a legendary guild of heroes in this strategy board game. (Has currently earned $19,692 of $30,000) 65% funded 358 $55 11-17 kicktraq
Einstein Explore fascinating details of Einstein’s life! Unique tile-laying mechanics & shapes. Light abstract strategy. 2-4 players. 15-30 min (Has currently earned $25,097 of $5,000) 501% funded 692 $36 11-18 kicktraq
Shadows of Esteren - A Medieval Horror RPG: Dearg The multi-award winning dark fantasy RPG from France, between Ravenloft, Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu. (Has currently earned $136,712 of $20,000) 683% funded 849 $161 11-18 kicktraq #rpg
Tiki Island Tiki island is a family oriented race from destruction! Fun yet simple game play lets hardcore fans and kids enjoy the game together! (Has currently earned $3,704 of $5,000) 74% funded 79 $47 11-18 kicktraq #first #take2
Beer Empire: The Board Game Competitive board game for 2-4 players. Design your recipes, gain and use resources, expand your Brewery, build your own Beer Empire. (Has currently earned $16,132 of $15,000) 107% funded 412 $39 11-18 kicktraq #take2
Omen: Edge of the Aegean A stand alone 2 player card game set in the world of Omen: A Reign of War. Familiar mechanics and theme with all new Units and Rewards! (Has currently earned $11,781 of $5,000) 235% funded 648 $18 11-18 kicktraq
Gemstone Dice: Labradorite, Tiger's Eye, Fossil, and More! Beautiful dice made from Labradorite, Red Tiger's Eye, Blue Tiger's Eye, Coral Fossil, Peach Aventurine, and more with stretch goals! (Has currently earned $17,088 of $10,000) 170% funded 198 $86 11-18 kicktraq
Robit Riddle: Storybook Adventures Have adventures, tell stories, make friends, and save the day in this narrative 5 to 45 minute cooperative board game for 1-6 players. (Has currently earned $9,809 of $12,000) 81% funded 215 $46 11-18 kicktraq #first
100 Swords: Season 2 The Sword-Based Dungeon Crawling Micro Deck-Builder is back with two NEW dungeons and a multiplayer expansion! (Has currently earned $26,562 of $14,999) 177% funded 643 $41 11-18 kicktraq #expansion base game
Rules Twist - Hilarious House Rules for Board & Card Games Play classic games with a Twist! Easily add hilarious house rules to any board or card game. You won't play without Rules Twist again (Has currently earned $2,657 of $3,000) 88% funded 29 $92 11-19 kicktraq #first
Tiny Swords Tactics A cute and chaotic Smash Bros-style board game where your whole table is the board! (Has currently earned $6,039 of $15,000) 40% funded 133 $45 11-19 kicktraq
Leaders of Euphoria: Choose a Better Oppressor Find your allies and banish your enemies with OVERSIZED RAY GUN MINIS in this dystopian game for 4 to 8 players! (Has currently earned $59,101 of $20,000) 295% funded 1478 $40 11-19 kicktraq
Battle Systems™ Sci-fi II Terrain Sci-fi terrain for 28 - 32mm tabletop games. This is pre-punched card that is easy to assemble with no painting required. (Has currently earned £153,556 of £21,000) 731% funded 1023 £150 11-19 kicktraq #bling
8-Bit Werewolf & Mafia Miniature size card deck containing 28 cards for each game! (Has currently earned $1,804 of $3,500) 51% funded 210 $9 11-20 kicktraq
Ascended Kings® Tabletop Board Game & Graphic Novel Ascended Kings® - Battle Royal Game & Companion Graphic Novel. Fight to reclaim your immortality! (Has currently earned $19,419 of $50,000) 38% funded 112 $173 11-20 kicktraq

New This Week

Project Info Status Backers Avg Pledge Ending Comments
2048 THE BOARD GAME Balancing your mind! - Entertaining! - Fast and simple! - Skill developing. - DANGER! It is addictive! Revolutionary new game method! (Has currently earned $644 of $16,000) 4% funded 35 $18 12-10 #first
Assassin´s club Ultimate Solo card game for the hitman you have deep inside, Ultimate multi player card game to have fun with friends. (Has currently earned €1,362 of €4,600) 29% funded 31 €44 12-10 #first
Backpacks & Blisters! A classic board game for the family. Enjoy the glories of the English Lake District (World Heritage Site nominate) in this game of friendly rivalry. 1-6 players Max 90 min. (Has currently earned £2,784 of £3,000) 92% funded 125 £22 12-08
Bad Words - A Twisted Tile Game Pour yourself a drink. You're are an elite social host bringing the highest grade debauchery to your otherwise neglected tabletop. (Has currently earned $1,029 of $20,000) 5% funded 17 $61 12-19 #first
Berghain: A Game for 2–6 Players About Getting In Take control of the door of legendary nightclub Berghain in this fast and fun card game! (Has currently earned kr36,114 of kr90,000) 40% funded 135 kr268 SEK 12-07 #first
Bitcoin Empire Build your crypto-currency empire and sabotage your opponents. A deck building, card game. 2-4 players. 15 minutes. (Has currently earned £485 of £480) 101% funded 26 £19 11-22 #first #take2
Dwar7s Fall Super fun worker placement, area control game! Build a mighty Kingdom and get ready because the winter is coming! (Has currently earned $13,490 of $4,000) 337% funded 382 $35 12-03
electron dice Handmade and unique 20 sided dice with glow in the dark elements, choose size, element and color. (Has currently earned $2,253 of $1,000) 225% funded 49 $46 12-11 #dice
Feudum: A nuanced game of hand & resource management Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players! (Has currently earned $99,922 of $49,000) 203% funded 1169 $85 12-16 #first
FML! The Game - Life's a Joke, Laugh! FML! The Game is a party in a box. It is a board game that simulates life, with FML moments around every turn! (Has currently earned $5,340 of $9,999) 53% funded 82 $65 11-30 #take2 #first
Hunting Sasquatch Press your luck, roll the dice, and compete against other hunters seeking to capture the legendary Sasquatch. Do you believe? (Has currently earned $1,076 of $9,000) 11% funded 35 $31 12-08
Isaribi: Fishing, Market Play, and Outwitting your Opponents ISARIBI is an elegant light-strategy game you will not want to miss! Created by Hisashi Hayashi, designer of the popular game YOKOHAMA. (Has currently earned $11,669 of $10,000) 116% funded 302 $39 12-12
Keyper - Character Edition A special character edition of Keyper - the first completely new 'Key' series game from R&D Games since the award winning Keyflower. (Has currently earned £16,056 of £10,000) 160% funded 208 £77 12-05
Kobold Press Bestiary - A Collection Of Fantasy Miniatures A collection of 28mm scaled miniatures based on the Midgard campaign setting as well as the Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press! (Has currently earned $5,704 of $7,000) 81% funded 40 $143 12-10 #minis
MagHex To create a durable and easy to use play surface for hexagonal tile games like The Settlers of Catan (Has currently earned $492 of $18,000) 2% funded 9 $55 12-08 #bling
Man vs Meeple Man vs Meeple is the show where we talk about all things board game related. Help us make the very most of our channel for you. (Has currently earned $30,823 of $20,000) 154% funded 626 $49 12-09 #show
Me, Myself, and Ice Cream A mix-and-match solitaire game that combines with a standard deck of cards to make a delicious dessert-themed game that's simple & fun. (Has currently earned $1,644 of $100) 1644% funded 69 $24 11-21 #first
Ogre Miniatures Set 1 At long last, plastic Ogre miniatures for use with the Ogre Sixth Edition and Ogre Designer's Edition games. (Has currently earned $36,583 of $15,000) 243% funded 849 $43 11-30 #minis
Old School Tactical Volume I REPRINT! Fast and furious World War II East Front tactical battles. Tanks, artillery, machine guns, and the soldiers to man them. 2nd Printing! (Has currently earned $9,132 of $12,000) 76% funded 116 $79 12-10 #reprint bgg
Omen: Edge of the Aegean A stand alone 2 player card game set in the world of Omen: A Reign of War. Familiar mechanics and theme with all new Units and Rewards! (Has currently earned $11,781 of $5,000) 235% funded 648 $18 11-18
Ortery Aluminum dice: Collective sci-fi metallic dice cube One more piece of art to add to your dice collection. Great for sci-fi game etc. Feels amazing in hand, give it a try :) (Has currently earned $3,502 of $1,000) 350% funded 115 $30 AUD 11-29 #dice
Package!? - An abstract tabletop game Package!? is a competitive, abstract strategy game, designed with very quick play in mind! (Has currently earned £3,497 of £1,000) 349% funded 155 £23 12-10 #first
PM Galaxy: Project Management Board Game Learn project management, fight for resources, and conquer the PM Galaxy®! Cooperative & competitive board game for 3-5 players. (Has currently earned $1,652 of $30,000) 5% funded 19 $87 12-07 #first
Sci-Fi Dungeon Resine Pieces Sci-Fi Dungeon is a modular secenery with endless convinations. Here you have possibility to acquire It in the format of resin pieces. (Has currently earned €1 of €5,000) 0% funded 1 12-07 #bling
SHOOTERZ Hockey Card Game Fast-paced 2-player hockey game with cards. A very 'cool' game! (Has currently earned $772 of $500) 154% funded 33 $23 CAD 11-27
Sigma Event 2177 Relaunch 15mm Sci-Fi miniatures and Starter set. Starter Set contains 24 minis and the rules for up to two players to dive right into combat! (Has currently earned $4,666 of $5,000) 93% funded 68 $69 12-11 #minis
SolarQuest: The Space-Age Real Estate Game, Deluxe Edition New Deluxe Edition of the classic board game SolarQuest, with enhanced gameplay, magnetic fuel card, 8 player capability, and more. (Has currently earned $1,850 of $10,000) 18% funded 46 $40 12-25 #reprint bgg
Student Life: The Game Think... 'Cards Against Humanity' that revolves around life at Uni, with forfeits written by the players. What more could you ask for? (Has currently earned £301 of £10,000) 3% funded 15 £20 12-22 #first
Tables Board Game Spot - A Las Vegas tabletop cafe & bar Part bar, part cafe, and part game store, Tables Board Game Spot is the BEST place to socialize and play games in Las Vegas! (Has currently earned $525 of $10,000) 5% funded 5 $105 12-12 #cafe
The FLUME - Dice Tower - Dice Case - Hardwood RNG Solution Not like any other dice tower, The FLUME is an amusement park ride for your dice. Making random rolls quick and easy. Hardwoods. (Has currently earned $4,618 of $1,000) 461% funded 65 $71 12-08 #bling
The hidden strategic bluffing game A game concept that mix all what the most popular strategic board games got like hidden tactics, bluffing, risks.... just check it up (Has currently earned $105 of $8,888) 1% funded 2 $53 CAD 12-19 #first
The WitchBorn: Enter Perdition Join us for an evolution in gaming including Reaper® Bones minis, printed rules, and accessories for 2-6 players (Has currently earned $8,411 of $22,500) 37% funded 27 $312 12-05 #expansion base game
TRBO: The Rival Bikers Overdrive! TRBO is a fast and frantic board game of wild bikers participating in a race with no rules and a lot of chaos! (Has currently earned $4,496 of $55,000) 8% funded 105 $43 12-13
Way of the Fighter Way of the Fighter is an expandable card and dice game born of classic arcade-style fighting games. (Has currently earned $21,240 of $30,000) 70% funded 362 $59 11-30
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  • #take tags are for projects that have been restarted for some reason, with the number indicating what iteration we're currently on.
  • #first attempts to highlight those who seem to be using Kickstarter to get their first game off the ground, so you can tell the difference between the Days of Wonders and the designers next door.
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BREAKING NEWS U.S. vs. Bitcoin Price Manipulation

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