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Help. I have a Dual Link DVI problem. I need 2 ports on one video card. Korean Monitor Madness $180 for 27" IPS 2560 x 1440.

TLDR: Please help me find a video card with 2 DVI-D (Dual Link) ports that is equal to a 7970 or Better. OR Help me find a good converter that will actually perform well.
So I came across what I thought was an AWESOME deal on a 27" IPS Korean monitor. I bought 2. The main function of my PC is for gaming. But I do work on it from time to time. And I like to browse the web between loading screens)
Here it is (Note: I got it for 180. now selling for 200)
The problem is I have a XFX 7970 DD Card. It has 2 DVI ports. But one is DVI-D (Works!!) and one DVI-I (incompatible)
*I tested both monitors on the DVI-D and they work. Great quality, screen wise (No dead pixels by the way. moderate light bleeding)
According to the sellers specs I cannot use a converter. I am not sure if they are referring to passive converter only. In any case I heard Converters suck and crazy expensive.
So far I am thinking I have these options. Please let me know if i am wrong in my assumptions. (I wish I did this before I bought the monitors)
  1. Buy an active converter. Because I wont be using eye infinity on two monitors anyway. But will it even work? And i have read there are lots of problem. Crazy expensive, might as well crossfire with another card. What do you think of converters?
  2. Buy a used 7970 or comparable 7000 series card 80-150ish. Run crossfire with two monitors. Never used cross fire before. Does it just run all the time? Do I have to switch it on or something? I am thinking it would be a pain cause i play MWO and it doesn't allow crossfire. I would have to shut it off all the time. then I wouldnt be able to use the second monitor while gaming. All speculation since I have no idea what I am doing. Plus I am a little scared of used cards due to bitcoin mining.
  3. Buy a new Video Card with two DVI-D ports. I would think for it to be work it it would have to be better or at least equal to my current XFX 7970. Problem is I cannot seem to find a newer AMD card with dual DVI-D. I heard some Nvidia cards have 2 but I have no clue what models are comparable to AMD AND have 2 Dual DVI-D ports. Could really use some suggestions. By the way, I like playing ultra setting when possible (even at the sacrifice of some fps) I play (primarily) MWO, SKYRIM - mods, sleeping dogs, Saits Row 4. I plan to play Star CItizen and Dragon age 3 when it come out. Would really like max settings on Dragon Age 3. I would be okay spending 250-350ish if it was substantial upgrade from a 7970.
  4. Sell the damn 2nd monitor. Keep the shame deep inside. Never speak of this again.
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