Bitcoin wallet update trick has netted criminals more than ...

New Qubes OS Room on Matrix!

New Qubes OS Room on matrix!
This is just to let potentially interested people know that there is now a new Qubes OS room on matrix which is part of the community. The rules for this group are simple, have a (qubes-ish) question, ask a (qubes-ish) question or take it to #cybersec-offtopic. In general the main rule is don't be a D*ck (not duck in case you were wondering, ducks are fine).
Some reasons/examples of why Qubes might be of interest:
And many more reasons. The room welcomes all, if you are a noob come ask a question, if you are a guru (not even necessarily with Qubes but maybe distro or application specific) please come and help add to the knowledge base! One of the main goals here is to have flexible and civil support/discussions related to Qubes.
Hope to see you all there!
PS Apologies to the mods if you do not consider this appropriate, I reviewed the rules and think its ok? My reasons for cross posting is that I think Qubes has a very real use case for this subreddit so I thought it would be useful for users in these subreddits and hopefully helpful for Qubes users as well.
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Looking for a specific distro just for a cryptocurrency laptop

I have a thinkpad I've used to learn some pentesting and general fun stuff. It was really neat, but now I want to use the laptop now that my course is completed. I'd like to make sure I can wipe my system clean, and then run a simple linux distro that I can reliably use for my Bitcoin wallets.
It'd be nice to be able to use firefox with some good privacy extensions, ledger wallet software, and trezor wallet software.
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Learn Ethical Hacking With Kali Linux  Ethical Hacking ... how to mining btc with kali linux Pentest tools HT WPS Breaker CompTIA PenTest+ - Passive Information Gathering Tools Kali Linux - Conheça o sistema dos Hackers - YouTube

Tools Listings. The Kali Linux penetration testing platform contains a vast array of tools and utilities, from information gathering to final reporting, that enable security and IT professionals to assess the security of their systems. Building my own pentest distro filter_list. Linear Mode Threaded Mode View a Printable Version. Author. Message. RogueCoder HC Helpers. Seven Years of Service. Posts: 664. Threads: 57. Reputation: 0. Currency: 0 NSP. Building my own pentest distro 05-28-2013, 11:07 AM #1. Hey guys So I've decided that I want to start building my own pentest distro. Yeah I know what you're thinking. "Oh God ... A simple technique has helped cybercrime gangs steal more than $22 million in user funds from users of the Electrum wallet app; a ZDNet investigation has discovered.This particular technique was first seen in December 2018. Since then, the attack pattern has been reused in multiple campaigns over the past two years.ZDNet has tracked down multiple Bitcoin accounts where criminals have... Samurai WTF is a one of the best OS for Hacking and Professional Web Application Penetration Testing Framework & Distro. It contains only WebApp Pentest Tools such as Burpsuite, SQLMap… and so on. Based on Ubuntu. The first release was in 2008. 7- Network Security Toolkit (NST): Network Security Toolkit also is known as NST is a Professional best OS for Hacking and penetration testing and ... This is a really interesting distro as it is compiled with GrSecurity kernel patches, but also has a secured GCC (with stack smashing protection) and binutils support of PT_PAX_FLAGS. Strangely, it includes many penetration-testing tools, but not so strange if you believe that the client-side is a major source of vulnerabilities.

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Learn Ethical Hacking With Kali Linux Ethical Hacking ...

Full Ethical Hacking Course - Network Penetration Testing for Beginners (2019) - Duration: 14:51:14. Recommended for you This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue 🔥 Edureka Online Training: This Edureka "Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux" video will give you an... This brief video explains the different options available for companies to achieve Cyber Essentials certification through Pentest People. Penetration Testing Lab setup introduction. Getting started by downloading and installing Oracle's VirtualBox and VMWare's VMWare Player. Recorded and best viewed in 1080p. I will work on reducing ...